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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Power Of Secrets:shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Do You Have A Secret?
I know that we say that “The Truth Shall Set You Free”, but what’s the deal with keeping secrets. Do we keep them to keep our relationships a float or do we share them to cement friendships? Treasure them because we value knowledge, and if the knowledge is privileged then it’s even more valuable? Create them because we are all hopelessly deceptive and our public images and private personas can never be reconciled??

Perhaps we create them out of shame? Those who keep their failures secret seem more perfect, and so we too keep our shames private, in order to bring ourselves up to this impossible standard “Perfection”! Maybe it’s not our fault cause as soon as these failures are revealed; we react with judgment, fearing any sympathy might arouse interest in our own secrets!


Don said...

good question. i think everyone has a secret, some perhaps bigger than others. probably something learned at an early age that stayed with us throughout the years. but when it comes to relationships it's not worth it, trying to keep a secret. i believe. cause women remember everything. ha.

JStar said...

Oh yes we do Don :) I am feeling you here Champ. I write a lot of my secrets in my poetry but not all. Some are hidden deep inside in shame...For fear of judgement...

25champ said...

@ Don I definetly feel you

@ JStar I agree. Writing is therapy and it helps us face alot of our Biggest fears and secrets.

Meagan said...

Secrets, so many secrets, many of which I'm ashamed to admit!

Morality set by today’s “worldly” standards are the reasons as to why so many secrets exist in the first place! Society has these preconceived notions as to what is right or wrong! What may be perceived as immoral by one, may not be the belief of another. Take marriage for instance, a spiritual union in which two join as one. Forsaking, distancing yourself from all others. Well that’s a beautiful dream? However times are so different now. And although I'm sure there may be a handful of committed, true, faithful to one another couples out there, the majority of us lie, cheat and keep secrets for our so called relationships to survive!

Secrets are best kept and told for a higher power. A man or woman of flesh will never be free of secrets or the temptation that leads to secrets.

Great Post Champ,

25champ said...

@Meagan Thanks 4 sharing worldly standards often decide whether we are true to ourselves and true to others. I definetly feel u!

Random Thoughts said...

@ Don I agree that us women do remeber n dont forget, and that it can be part of a learned behavior. In a relationship or a marriage I believe that there should be no secrets. The two should be able to tell each other everything and not fear to be judged because none of us are perfect. That person should be like your best friend, a confidant one whom you can share your deepest thoughts, fears, beliefs etc. But most importantly, I think oneself should be true to oneself before they can be true to others. Alot of the time we as people lie keeping dirty little secrects to ourself or manipulate our own minds into believing what we want to believe instead of what really is the truth. IF YOU CANT BE HONEST TO YOU, THEN YOU CANT EXPECT TO COME TO YOU. I agree with all of you to some capacity. Yall make valid points. Great post 25Champ:)

25champ said...

@Peaches....i couldn't agree more :)Insercurities hav 2 be set aside when it comes to communication because that's what pushes ppl 2 keep secrets..unless u r just a pathalogical liar. I'd rather be honest n u know the truth than 2 be deceitful anyday.

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