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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mother's Love

The 1 person that
Loves me unconditionally
Protecting me from the world
while giving me room 2 grow
Guiding my thoughts
Nurturing my soul
With spiritual advice
Loving me 4 me
Always giving me
The benefit of the doubt
You put me before
Making sure than I’m secure
How I love your
Forgiving spirit
Your laughter and intellect
A Mother’s Love
Is 1 of a kind.


Katherine said...

Champ you have a loving heart & a beautiful soul and these beautiful qualities were no doubt handed down to you & nurtured by your mother!
And you are quite right, there is no love like a mothers love... I too am so grateful for the love, devotion, care & guidance that my mother bestowed upon me as a child & now as a woman!
I loved your tribute to your mother...just lovely Champ!

JStar said...

The most beautiful tribute! Being a mother myself, this brought a tear to my eye....Our sacrifices being appreciated...beautiful

25champ said...

@Katherine.......Thankyou 4 ur kind words it is her passion 4 life that lives in me allowing me to see good in even the darkest times. I want 2 do better at showing I appreciate her.

@JStar......Yes the sacrifies are def there even when in a two parent home mothers are the backbone.

Camile said...

Man..I'd be nowhere without my mother. She has truly been my superwoman!

25champ said...

@Ms.Camile.....I def feel u.

Reggie said...

Yes indeed Champ, you hit that one right on the head!!!

25champ said...

@Reggie.....Thanks as always!

Short Poems said...

Lovely poem :)

25champ said...

@Short Poems....Thankyou and thanks 4 stopping by

Unknown said...

Hmm... she's a mother...and she's motherly!....hmm..a mother's warmth beautifully captured...oh yeah, her love is indeed one of a kind indeed!Hmm...No doubt, the poem sprays sweet and refreshing lyrics of a true mother!

25champ said...

@Awoken Soul.....Thankyou! I tried 2 caputure the essense of motherhood.

Anonymous said...

No doubt... there is nothing like a mother's love. I love my mom. She has gone through a lot in her lifetime, raised three kids on her own and yet she continues to move forward with a smile on her face. She's full of wisdom and a true lady. I only hope to be as wonderful as my mom one day.

25champ said...

@ksuitt....U will, it's embedded. Thanks 4 stopping by as always :)

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