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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Versatile and Beautful Blogger Award

I’m Still Raw, But ThankYou!


I want to thank MsKnowItAll and Mizrepresent for awarding me with the Versatile and Beautiful Blogger Award. Mizpresent sorry 4 taking so long, but I just found out the proper blogger etiquette lol.

As a recipient of the versatile and beautiful blogger award, I must provide seven random facts about myself….

1. At times I can be one to be considered a know it all which is a blessing and a curse. Ppl come to me for answers all the time, but when I offer a friendly advise I’m often hit with “you think you know everything”… see it’s not that I think I know everything, it’s just I’m an independent research guy and I know what I know if you know what I mean lol.

2. I Coach little league football (Rosedale Cowboys 13 under) and I’m a diehard Redskins fan which can be a conflict of interest I suppose lol. I loves my football and wouldn’t change either.

3. I’m also a pretty good artist and have won numerous awards and contest over the years….something ppl closed to me would only know. I paint, sketch, calligraphy. I do it all.

4. I love movies I remember everything that puts a smile on my face and I can quote movies with the best of them. Sometimes I feel like I am a walking movie. “Once again I say what you scared to say, but u thinking the same God damn thing”….Bernie Mac Kings of Comedy Lls . Ppl think I’m pretty fun even though I’m just being myself minus the movie quotes.

5. I’m very big on Fam. Loves my family and my Kids to death. Without them I’m nothing. They make my soul smile.

6. I work at the College of NotreDame in the billing dept I also run the Mail Services dept. It can be very demanding, but I multi-task it pretty good, just wish I could multi-task my personal life a little better.

7. Best for last even though he is First in my life. I’m a man of God I’m proud to say it. Aint no shame in my game. I’m always working on self and I know that I’m nothing without him.

I will award a few bloggers for both awards

I will award a few bloggers for both awards

The Versatile Blogger                                                         
Don Minusthebars                                                                

Beautiful Blogger


Mizrepresent said...

Thank un luv! You are so deserving and i am honored. Keep doing you!

Thee_Kween said...

Aww, thank you so much Champ!!! SO sweet of you to consider me.

JStar said...

CONGRATS! Well deserved award :)

Thanks for thinking of me :) I am honored!

Just Kel said...

thank you! as I said in my comments, the versatile blogger award is well deserved and congratulations on being awareded the beautiful blogger award. you're certified!

25champ said...

@Mizrepresents..... I will n thanks!

@Da_Kween..... U are very deserving. I challenge myself after reading some of ur love poems 2 dig deeper.

@JStar....Thankyou!Ur work speaks 4itself.


Daij said...


25champ said...

@Daij....Thanks bruh!

Don said...

Late, I know. Sorry but I haven't really been online in a few. I really appreciate the acknowledgement and definitely feel you on the love of your kids.

You are an exceptional blogger, truly deserving of all recognition.

25champ said...

@Don...Thankyou! u helped me out by posted me as blog of the week when I first started blogging. I appreciate ur support :)

Hip Hop Swagga said...

Hey just stopping by to show love, and to check up on updatesa. Love your insightful posts, they are always refreshing to read. Hope all is well with ya.Hey we want to invite you to write a post for us. It will be featured next month if you are down. Topic : Hip Hop Today- give us your views on Hip Hop , and the direction its taking.

Ms Kay (CEO)

Tia's Real Talk said...

You rock!! Well it's about darn time you got something!! Sorry I didn't do it fist :(.

Anyhoo, I have a new phone so your email and number is gone..:(. Contact me ASAP!

25champ said...

@Hip Hop Swagga aka MsKay lol....Thanks 4 stopping by and I will def love to right a post for u :)

@Tia's Real Talk....Thanks and I will def get in contact just hav had alot on my plate u know. U will here from me soon :)

Reggie said...

Isn't it nice to be recognized?!?

25champ said...


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