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Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Into Character: What's Yours

In life we all have a purpose….we all have a fundamental reason we exist.

That’s simply means

that we all have some affect over your life and our own.

We are MothersFathers….Sisters….BrothersBest friends….Confidants

employersemployees…and even if you are unemployed, drug addicted and homeless

Your Lives Are Not In Vain!

More Importantly we are  Men/Women 1st
Some of us grasp our purpose early on, while the rest of us go through a multitude of trials and tribulations to finally figure it out.
Others die trying ….not realizing that your purpose really isn’t that hard to find.

I know that I am guilty of making life harder than it really is….I’ve over analyzed the littlest things,
complicating things that may make one question life itself…..but in the end I found out that
I am faith, trust, hope! I am the profound belief in a power larger and more important than us. I am truth and beauty! I am love and humility!  If you notice faith, trust, hope! I am the profound belief in a power larger and more important than us is the definition of Religion… That’s all we are people… Believe in something  …..You have a better chance at cracking this thing called Life.


Unknown said...

Very inspirational Champ! Loving the positivity train! LETS GO :)

25champ said...

@Dee Dee....Thankyou! #teampositivity

Charisse said...

Yes this is very inspirational!!! Thanks for sharing. My philosophy on life, worry about nothing pray about everything. Enjoy the simple things.

25champ said...

@Lady C....bang! hit the nail on the head

Random Thoughts said...

@Champ that was a very deep blog overall. I like the part where u acknowledge ur faults showing that u too can and have affected others. It shows ur growth n nobodys perfect. I enjoy reading ur blogs and I think u r a great writer:) keep up the good work.

25champ said...

@peaches27 Thankyou!I'm a wrk n progress, but I'm trying :)

Don said...

At times, I believe we are all guilty of making life harder than it is.

Human nature, I suppose.

Seems that through trials and tribulations and reflections and prayers answered, we are able to see life for what it really is worth.

Daij said...

i love this post. "ot realizing that your purpose really isn’t that hard to find. that would be me

25champ said... true! but there are some who actually learn from other pplz trials and tribulations..which is what i would rather do...but the best teacher is probably experience.


Sunny said...

I think I'm still tryna figure it out or like you say making life harder than what it realy is.

25champ said...

@Red u will find ur purpose...just try and live life simple and do the things that you enjoy and u will find ur passion :)

Just "J" said...

Hey Champ! Just the inspiration I needed this morning! Glad to be back in the flow of things... i was off trying to crack this thing called life =)

25champ said...

@Just "J"....RT! I can dig it :)

W.Reid said...

It's true you gotta believe in something...

25champ said...

@W.Reid....either that or fall for anything ;) thnxs 4 stopping by

Katherine said...

Very inspiring read Champ. I think it is important to note though that "we do learn" .. some of us more slowly than others, but we still learn. And learning from our trials & tribulations no matter how fast or slow is the key. :)

25champ said...

@Katherine....I couldn't agree more :)

Reggie said...

Very nice Champ, very nice indeed!!!

25champ said...

Thanks :) @Reggie

Anonymous said...


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