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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Doin U: At Who’s Expense?

“Doin U” is living your life for you: not a means to an end for others!
This means that I should exist for my own sake, neither sacrificing myself to others, nor sacrificing others to myself! The pursuit of my own rational self-interest, and happiness, is the highest moral purpose of my life!
If I must deal with others,

It should be as Traders, in a pure capitalist system.

No charity! No sympathy! Just business,

an exchange of value for value.

Or in dating terms “Friends With Benefits”!

But where does love fit into this system?

See if everything is viewed as a business arrangement between

Traders without charity, then how can you have love?

Love is supposed to be selfless.

Or is this that New School LOVE?

Where LOVE is selfish. …

If you see someone of value,

and they see value in you…

want access to this value, so you

arrange a business transaction.

Love used to be worth the risk smh

Now people are turning into Modern day Hoes


♥ CG ♥ said...

So true. This whole doin' me thing has discounted the nature of the most basic yet vital human emotions. I guess it shouldn't came as any surprise that there are so many that ascribe to this and end up losing in so many ways.

Random Thoughts said...

I agree wit this but at the end of the day u hav to choose to do good but many dnt. So many try to get the gotters before they get got that they do selfish n inmoral things. Then u got the get eveners who take vengence n they own hands when God is suppose to have final say. Cus many feel that justice aint being served quick enough so many play God cus they were wronged. Vengence is Gods not ours. God has a plan for everyone whether we think its right or not. He not gonna let something b done to u n the doer who did the act get away wit an act. What goes around comes around. An eye for a eye. Do unto others as u want done to u. God sees everything so dnt think for a second u getting away wit something cus nothing happen to u yet. Who knows ur acts can trickle dwn to ur fam n they suffer for ur acts.

Reggie said...

Hey it is what it is.

25champ said...

@CG.....this is very true

@peaches27....hadn't thought about like this, but this is very true...n end the end when u try and take matters in to your own hands u loose...because if doin you is just to get back at some1 else then your steping outside of your norm just 2 prove a's hard 2 stop giving a f ck unless u never gave a f ck..interesting point of view


Hip Hop Swagga said...

Modern day Hoes or just Egoist? Out to satisfy self only. Doing things that inhance ones self mindless of any feeling of other. Some say Mother Theresa was an Egoist because she once said she only helped others because in turn good came to her . Hmmm something to think about..??? Are we all in it to somehow please ourselves? Whether love, charity ,spiritual you aways expectt something in return.

25champ said...

@HipHopSwagga....I feel u..but we all would be lying if we said that it wasn't gratifying to do things for others, but I wouldn't believe that was the only the end of the day it takes moral passion to do rt by others whether its relationships, friendships or parenting.

steveroni said...

Whatever...I think love is here to stay--grin! Whether is self-love (UGH!) of "love your neighbor" Or "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"

Love to me really means doing for others, as God might be directing. With no motive other then that.

I believe love is the 'glue' which holds together--binds--the Universe
and in the end, will be all which is left. Yup...LOVE!!!!


Maybe I took your writing here more seriously than intended, but at least I got in my 2¢....!

25champ said...

@Steve E You didn't take my writing to serious..I just think that you didn't realize is that everything you said about Love was the same point I was making :)

JStar said...

AMEN Champ! Now this is EXACTLY what I am talking about! Real love is so hard to find as it is almost extinct...

25champ said... true...every1 seems 2 b in defense...2 me thats the down fall becuz soon as stuff doesn't go there way they say well "Ima do me" 4 all that you mind as well be single

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I am living this as we speak. :/

25champ said...

@krisaela....are u the 1 doing u or is your mate the 1 doing them if you don't mind????

Don said...

Sign of the times, I agree. Not everyone, though I'm sure we are all guilty if this behavior at dome point in time. Believe PAC said it best: it's about how long a person allows themselves to be pimped.

He spoke the truth.

25champ said...


Snake said...

Another aspect of love is . . . Tough love . . . Sometimes we have to say strong things, or take strong actions, in order to shake people out of complacency, or negative patterns of thinking or behavior . . . It's never fun, is it? But if we can help to set someone on a more positive course, it's ultimately worth it . . . Been there and done that a few times! Ciao

25champ said...


Blogger said...

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