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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Untimely Death

Dedicated to
Best Friend
Kristopher Miller
March 27th, 1982 to July 12, 2002

You died prematurely
leaving me to grieve without warning.
How was I supposed to prepare
for this untimely moment?
We were supposed to be invincible,
live forever we thought,
but God had another plan,
it was through his will
I was taught,
that worship and prosperity
run hand and hand.
It was because of you
that I embraced his plan.
I was already saved.
Just not spiritually mature.
It was your untimely death
that humbled me for sure.
See your purpose was served
and that's why you are not here.
My purpose is unknown,
I'm just trying to persevere.
Now I have kids and I cannot lie
It was your untimely death
that saved my life.


JStar said...

A tear dropped at this one...My best friend since we were 2, got hit by a car and died right before her 21st birthday...I am still not over it...She was like a sister to...I feel ya here man...More than you could ever know

25champ said...

I had three friends who die in this particular accident in which I got out of the car moments before it happened. It was the difference between my daughter ever knowing her daddy because her mother was 2 months pregnant at the time. It definetly changed my out look on life.

JStar said...

That's so tragic...It wasnt YOUR time...Be thankful that He saved you because you have a purpose here on eart. Their deaths served thier purposes althought you may never understand why...Thats just the way it was meant to be. Their deaths affected people in different ways...It may have been to save someone else who hadnt served their purpose here yet...As long as they are in your heart, they arent gone too far away...They continue to live through you and the ones who love them...

Random Thoughts said...

i agree wit Jstar, if God had taken u too back then, we wouldnt have had our beautiful girls together. everything does happen for a reason. maybe @ the time bac then this happen to let u kno to slow down n not take life wit the little things for granted cus tomorrow aint promised. as teens we feel like we invincible but God shows us that we arent. jus look @ it this way ur friends may hav died physically but their spirit lives on thru u n their fam. they prolly smilin dwn on u n their love ones watchin ova yall. i love the poem.

25champ said...

watered eyes :) Random Thoughts

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