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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who's This? Paiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!

You know what I’m getting tired of feeling? Thinking.....Emotions, Pain, Emotions too. I'ts Pain Dammit!
But seriously, guys! What is pain if we just stop feeling it? The ish hurts and you can’t turn it the f**k off. It’s like a phone that won’t stop ringing whenever I’m hurt, and when I answer it, it’s always f **kin Pain calling and he won’t get off the line. I say “Yeah, I get it Pain, my friends are gone, “and he says “Yeah, it still hurts like a b**ch don’t it. I say “look, Pain, I know.” And he stays on the line and I say “Pain, you’ve got to find other ish to do, I can’t possibly be the only one you call.What do you do when pain calls your phone? Do you answer? Hang up, or do you tell pain that you are just not feeling him anymore?


JStar said...

I am so feeling this right now...I wish there was a light switch to turn the pain off...But we have to let it takes its course and go through all of the emotions that come along with it.

25champ said...

So true. There's definetly no avoiding it. All we can do is control how we handle it.

Don said...

coming from a man who has felt an extreme amount of pain before in my life the best advice i'd give to anyone: answer the phone, deal with pain, go through the emotions and know that the day will come where pain has found another number to dial.

but until then, yes, it's impossible to run away from pain. one has to run towards to it.

25champ said...

I couldn't agree more. Thanks for ya comment Don!

Petula said...

I wish I could just hang up. The physical pain just keeps ringing. The emotional pain is just buried, block and whatnot. Don, says run toward it, huh? He's probably right. I prefer to block and deal with it later.

25champ said...

Everyone has different coping strategies, but I prefer to deal with it head up. Putting it off to me just prolongs the inevitable. Thanks for your comment.

Hip Hop Swagga said...

Sadly pain is something that we all must deal with in life. It is not what makes you hurt that is most important, but how you deal with that pain,and sorrow. I honestly prefer to deal with it the same way Petula does : ( Great post, you always have good ones.

25champ said...

@This That, And The Other....Thanks You! and thanks 4 stopping by.

Shay said...

THat was real powerful . I wrote something like this before . Pain is just inevitable though . WE have to experience it to reach our full potential

25champ said...

@Shay....Pain is inevitable that's for sure. I'm just not feeling pain anymore. Had 2 cut him loose.

Random Thoughts said...

i believe that pain is something we all have to go thru however, i wished pain would stop ringing my phone @ times too. But it cant be avoided. you all have very strong points tho. i also believe that pain has its good side as well as its bad sides. in the end it should all balance out.

25champ said... true. Pain is inevitable, but its how we cope that matters :)

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