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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time 2 Check Ourselves

Society On A Decline

In a world where we acknowledge a rapper named Jay-Z by the name Jehovah, getting shot 9 times can make your album go platinum like 50 cents, and being the Terminator can get you elected governor like Arnold Schwarzenegger, of course you have to say the world f’cked up. This era in time will rely heavily on parents teaching their children moral values at home, because they damn sure aren’t going to get them anywhere else. Whatever happened to "it takes a village to raise a child", now you hear celebrities saying things like they aren't role models. These are the people who have a heavy influence over our children. Also Christ has been removed from his own Holliday and replaced with X-mas, while prayer has been taken completely out of our schools. “In God we Trust” reads the back of our dollar bills, yet we do everything opposite God to earn a buck. It is easy to see how the world has fallen so far so fast.

Right now our children are at war with themselves. When you turn on the news they are killing each other and committing the crimes. They are more concerned with who look the best and who's blinging, instead of who they can trust and depend on the most. It was teenagers who killed the NFL's rising star Sean Taylor and teenage students who beat up their teacher on YouTube. Where is the guidance? When is their going to be a voice that they are familiar with that is going to step up and saying this isn't cool. This is not the way. Instead we have rappers who like their sprite easter pink, and spiritual leaders who molest children. Parent's, it's time for us to take our house holds back. Aren't you tired of seeing kids who can do the Stanky Leg, but can't count to 10. It is up to us to set the example starting in our own households. Stop trying to be their homie and start trying to be their leader, their guidance, their confidant.

Obama said it best when he said "We are the ones we've been waiting for". It is time for us to stop waiting on the next generation to clean up our mess. As parents we need step our game up. Our children are running our households. Let's bring back the respect and discipline that they need. Let's eat together as a family even if you are single parent home. Let's get our children back in bible study or Sunday school. You let them go out on Saturday; they can get up for church on Sunday. Let's support our kids in their extracurricular activity instead of their gang friends. How do you think this world got out of control in the first f ckin place? We allowed society to adopt our children instead of spending the necessary time with them that they needed. Let's remove the play stations out our living rooms so that our little children can have an imagination. Let's instill faith, hope, and prosperity into their lives. Most importantly let's stop telling our children what they can't do and start telling them what they can do.

Attention People: The Illuminati is real. What Are You Going To Do?


Rich Fitzgerald said...

Good post my brother. I couldn't agree more.

JStar said...

I am so with you here man...

Southern Belle said...

You are so right, the tv and people in the limelight seem to attract the minds of kids today more than parents and teachers do.

Just Kel said...

Hand claps on this post Bruh

Mizrepresent said...

Raises hands! You are so on point with this post and you know i LOVE it!

Meagan said...

Champ real talk baby, spoken like a man who shares the same thoughts and feelings as I do! Regarding our youth it's scary isn't it? Parent's afraid of their own children! Kids running stuff, calling the shots, saying what they will and will not do, insane, insanity! Like you said where's the village? Gone are the days of "Big Momma's", who demanded respect, got respect, in turn our children showing respect. My prayers, all our prayers are needed!


25champ said...

@Rich Fitsgerald....Thanks bruh!thanks 4 stopping by.

@JStar....It's time 4 us 2 do something dif u know what I mean?

@Southern true


@Mizrepresent.....I knew that u would feel me. bs. I'm tired of seeing parents act as equals wit there children. It's time 2 start frm scratch and do a drive by ass whipping. lol

Just "J" said...

AMEN!! I almost fear the day I bring my own little ones into this world... where there even be a world then??

25champ said...

@Just "J"....I feel u sis.I already hav children and I do the best I can to give them morals and educate them on the ways of the world.

Daij said...

I'm clapping right now, over this post. This is what I preach to my 14 yr old nephew constantly. He's a good kid and wants to do right, and I hope to God that he always feels that way. Thank you for writing it!

25champ said...

@Daij.....Thankyou! Just try to remain a positive role model in his life...because u don't have 2 b his parent to make a difference :)

Tia's Real Talk said...

You hit it!! If I see one more baby in pampers doing the stanky leg, I'm gonna smack a parent!! It starts with us if we want to see a change in our children and children's children.
The demon in Jay-Z is very boastful and prideful! I saw some youtube videos of Jay. He was filming the studio and zooming in on a book of black magic, he had a shirt on that was a ritual saying of the freemason. He is not hiding anymore. His lyrics and songs are clear. "THEY RUN THIS TOWN TONIGHT!"
Thanks for this!!

25champ said...

@Tia's Real Talk....I couldn't agree wit u more :)

Random Thoughts said...

couldnt agree with u more. i belive that its time to break the cycle our parents and their parents parents did in order for a new generation to stand a chance in this world today. start by lovin ur kids, be a parent first and a friend last. i think some parents need instill morals and good values cus to be honest they aint gonna get it in the streets. be a confidant, a responsible citizen. show them that they are somebody great and put God first cus without him all will fail. dont be afraid to give discipline not abuse. the world we live in is dog eat dog mantility. u see jus about everywhere u go young kids having kids. y cus they mommas n daddys prolly young too. kids now a days think its cute to be parents before they even developed maturely mind wise n not jus physically. build their self-esteem and self-worth while giving them the necessary tools they need to survive out here. Lord knows u dont want these kids to get into the wrong hands being poorly raised. set boundaries n limits. great post Champ.

25champ said...

@peaches27...i couldn't agree more, the problem is that ppl are'nt accountable anymore...prblms are put 2 the side and if your negative ur positive and if you positive u r considered a hater. Ppl are so quick to jump on the bandwagon 2 nonsense than nobody stops to see if anything is moral right. It's about doing me now days

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