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Monday, September 20, 2010

Why We Buy (Subliminal Messages)

This A Blast From The Past
I was 18 when I wrote this how lame lol

Wow! I feel corny lls...but I wanted to share any ways
so tell me what you think and be honest :)

Did you hear those words underneath the loud lyrics

or was you just a victim of your inner desires

that held you hostage in this game

of supply and demand.

We’re you oblivious, or did you just lack self-control.

Either way you didn’t walk to the beat of

your own drum and now you stand still

in line wondering how did you get here in the first place.

See your conscious mind told you

that it wasn’t okay to buy that, but the

waves within sound system told you otherwise.

While you thought you were

listening to Janet Jackson over those speakers,

there were subliminal messages that attacked

your mind like a plague on your immune system.

With your brain occupied, your reasoning becomes impaired

 leaving you capable of buying any

and everything the store has to offer.

When you realized you were home

your brain took back over and as you go

to open your bags: a Mariah Carey CD

Who the f ck bought that!


Katherine said...

Yes been there done that!

JStar said...

LOL....This was good and not corny at all. I have been here so I know where you are coming from. Hey, I actually like Mariah Carey, well her music anyways lol...I like all types of music...I listen to the words and the beat...

25champ said...


@JStar....Thankyou! I hav nothing against Mariah lol, but at that age I was listening to 2pac and Wu-Tang.. mariah carey was somethng u bought ur girlfriend, not urself... but as a teen I wrote my thoughts out, because i felt alone in my thoughts so looking back it feels alittle weird...but this blog is called Perspective: Life Through My Eyes so I just wanted to offer a glimpse of how I viewed things back then.

SY said...

Lol.. When you buy britney spears then we will all laugh at you

Daij said...

Funny! I have all of her cds, and janets, and wu tang, and 2 pac, but i know what you mean!

25champ said...

@SY....RT! lls

@Daij....Thanks 4 stopping by as always :)

Tia's Real Talk said... realized that at 18!? That was great. You are soooooo right. I did a post about the same thing. I finally understood why granny called my music "the devils music". Check it out!

You were right!! I wish I wouldve realized at 18. Not lame at all..good post! You were very wise! Still is!

25champ said...

@Tia's Real Talk.......Thankyou! My mother used to tell me that stuff u listening 2 is "Satanic" now I realize how smart she was. I will check you post out :)

Mizrepresent said...

I loved it and i laughed out loud at the last line. Classic!

25champ said...

@Mizrepresent....That sad thing is that it's a true story lls

Reggie said...

It wasn't corny brother. I thought that you showed significant insight to be only 18. When I was 18 I was all hormones.

25champ said...

@Reggie.....Thanks I feel alil better now lls

Don said...

I too know the feeling, and I also found it amusing whenever I reflect back on my poetry during my early years. Both good and bad.

Pretty good prose, in my opinion. Very truthful.

25champ said...

@Don....Thankyou :)

Random Thoughts said...

@Champ25 great post as usual;)

25champ said...


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