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Friday, October 22, 2010

Live Your Life For you: Understanding Ethical Relativsm

I’m 30yrs old now and I’d have to say

that I pretty much know what’s best for me by now. I’m not implying that I know everything, but I’ll be the judge of me and you be the judge of you.

I have absolutely no right to judge your beliefs and you have no right to judge mine.

What’s the point!

All beliefs and ethics are “relative” anyway!

I drink this Henny because I feel it’s what I want to do! Don’t judge me! Even if you believe its wrong…… Which one of us is right anyway? What you can’t handle might be fine for me.

It can be argued that in every rational person (the definition of “rational” is touchy subject I won’t explain for now) there are certain properties common to all. The problem ( well, one problem) with relativism is how it, nihilistically privileges the experience of the individual above all else, making every ethical decision the right ethical decision: who would not like to have his or her beliefs guaranteed to be as correct as anybody else’s? But this is done at the cost of ignoring our shared qualities, turning away from the fact that despite different languages and cultures (and continents and skin colors) we all believe some of the same things. With that striking fundamental truth removed, the Prostitutes and the Saints stand side by side, equals in righteousness. What do you think?


W.Reid said...

I agree.Morals, Truth. It's all relative and subjective. I drink Henny too! I strive not judge others, which I believe is open to interpretation. I do my best to focus on observations which is to simply stating that which I notice. Even that is open to interpretation.

Jade said...

It's not right to judge others. No one is or is above GOD, and He is the ONLY who can judge anyone.

Mizrepresent said...

I so agree with this post!

JStar said...

I agree Champ...We are human-no one is perfect. Its only God that has the right to judge. Its Him that we will answer to...

Don said...

I will be the first and the last person to admit that Only God (will) Judge. All this other stuff is merely disliking, hatred, envy, admiration, whatever else. I understood the truths concerning the ways of the world a long time ago, and act accordingly. I feel like my heart is in the right place whether I do the "right thing" or the "wrong thing."

Can't you tell? Lol.

I feel like the next man or woman should feel the same as I.

In the end, only God TRULY knows.

25champ said...

@W. Reid.....I couldn't agree more :)


@Mizrepresent.....Thanks :) true!

@Don.....I feel u 100

Sunny said...

Say it one more time for those who still don't get it!!

25champ said...

@Red......RT! :)

jae october said...

Wise words!

What's not to like about this.


25champ said...

@Jason....RT! and thanks 4 stopping by :)

Random Thoughts said...

I agree. No one is perfect n we shouldnt b judging anyone for we werent given the rights to do so by God. He is the only one we have to answer to.

25champ said...

@peaches27....RT~ Sad part is that ppl dnt realize when they are doing it...It's okay 2 observe and make decisions based on that of what you see....but 2 categorize some1 isn't our one is better than the next...all wrong doings are frowned upon

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