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Friday, March 25, 2011

Who's In Control

I’ve been


If my decisions

are based on my

desires, and my

desires are just

the product of

genetics and

environmental factors

beyond my control,

then I have no

control over the decisions that I make! Right!

See, If I am a product of my environment or

genetically predisposed, then each actions

I take….. could not have been taken any other way.

Meaning I had No Choice!

Like sleeping with any chick that I know isn’t going benefit me to say the least (UGLY) or (Dysfunctional)  smh

I could say that "Poppa Was A Rolling Stone" and that it’s in me to knock her down…or

all the men in my family are "Alcoholics" so there’s really no avoiding it.

I would also be implying that Free Will doesn’t exist.

Wouldn’t that be convenient?

This Theory fails to account

the fact that we

obviously can make decisions,

and that we do so constantly

on a regular basis…not to mention that

#SlaveryIsOver .

Can you tell me that you

Think that your brain is

Nothing more than a

Complicated computer with

Delusions of


If you think Yes

than you

are probably


Let’s stop with the #ResponsibilityDeflection

and take back control over our Lives.


Mizrepresent said...

Standing up, applauding! Good Post!

Meagan said...

I like this post sort of reminds me of my last post of acccountability, responsibility of ones actions. As always very insightful.


JStar said...

Sooo sooo true!...Ok you spoiled my breakfast with that pic LOL

25champ said...

@Mizreprents.....Thanks :)


@Jstar....lls It's amazing what some ppl will go home wit

Sunny said...

That was hot!!

I just could've done without the pic...lmao

25champ said...

@Red....RT! I knew the pic would throw ppl off a bit lls

Sunny said...

lol a mess

Reggie said...

You're wrong for posting that picture. She's got a mouth like a picket fence with summa teeth....summa here, summa dere.

She desperately needs a job with dental.

25champ said...

@Reggie....lls she not as bad as the chick in t-pains "if I buy 1 more drink" video.. she 5 drinks away from having a night cap wit somebody lmao

Daij said...

lol @ reggie

I liked this post

25champ said...

@daij....thanks bro

Katherine said...

Wonderful post Champ!!! Everyone should be & is responsible for their actions and just as you've written we all have "a choice" ... a choice to change, a choice to make difference! And when you think of it like this ... it's actually quite exciting!!!
Sorry I've not been by in a while...hope all is well in your part of the world!! :)

25champ said...

@Katherine...Yeah it's seems like everybdy is diagnosing themselves it's seems like ppl got every excuse of deck for why they aren't putting their best foot foward...I'm glad 2 have u stop back thru #GodBless :)

Random Thoughts said...

Funny pic. Nite fighter!!! Lol. Smh but great post.

25champ said...

@peaches27....lls Thanks ;)

Snake said...

I couldn't agree more with these words Champ . . . You nail it . . . Simply because we have predispositions (be they genetic or from experiences), we do have the free will to choose not to act upon them . . . There's too much rationalizing going on in the human race . . . Ciao

25champ said...

RT! i couldn't agree more :)

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