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Friday, February 5, 2010

I Love My Country: But We Can Be Shitty Sometimes

(I Mean That Literally)
Did you know that when we flush our toilet,
It fills again with clean drinking water. I don’t mean
that we should drink it. I’m just implying that we
sh*t in water the we could drink.

That’s kind of crazy don’t you think people?

We do everything with drinkable water. Wash
dishes in drinkable water: Makes sense! Wash clothes in
drinkable water: I understand. I just don’t see any
reason why poop water should be drinkable. We should
be filling our toilets up with recycled water that’s already
been used for washing clothes or whatever!

I mean think of how really privileged we are and I thinks
It’s a pretty f*cked up that while there are places where
clean water is hard to come by, if available at all (see Haiti),
we are literally sh*tting in it.
Am I politicising our sh*tting or does anyone else find this strange.


Don said...

Don't get me started....

I have always wondered the same. I remember asking once upon a time, and being told that the water is safe. They claimed: if i wasn't safe to use, we'd all be dead.

So I just left it at that. I think the intro and exit pipes are completely different though. Have to be. LOL!

Kandia said...

Now see, I'll never look at toilet water the same again. LOL. For the longest I wouldn't even drink tap water, I would buy distilled water but what you say makes a lot of sense, I had never really given it much thought. We do take a lot of the basics for granted that other countries would love to have.

Hip Hop Swagga said...

I feel you on this one. We as Americans waste alot. From food to water to everything else. We do so only because the majority of people dont know what it's like to have not. I was working at the front desk of these very rich and lunxurious apartment building in Brentwood, CA. 2 bedroom starts off at like 2500 per mo. This white women had the nerve to come down and tell me that her dishwasher and A/C was out & that I needed to get it taken care of cause she had company coming over. She was Frantic. Lmao I wanted to tell her to wash them damn dishes and turn on a fuckin fan. Geez. Some people live so comfortably. Sigh ! Nice post.

25champ said...

@Don...feel u bruh true

@This That ,And The Other ....couldn't agree wit u more.

Meagan said...

Champ that's deep I never thought about that before? But I am very aware that we waist so much water when we flush! Only to shit, flush and waist some more, thanks for conjuring up some unprovoked thoughts.

And always thanks for stopping by my place!


25champ said...

@ Meagan... You are welcome and the feelings are mutual.

Reggie said...

I always thought that we use the same drinking water in our toilets because it was just cost effective to treat one type of water and not have water coming into our homes from two different sources.

To be honest, I'm glad the water looks fresh right before I stock the porcelin lake with the brown trout.

25champ said...

@ I feel u bruh. It not so much that we have clean drinking water in our toilet. It's just how we take little things like that for granted. We complain about things that other countries would die to have. Thanks stopping by.

Just "J" said...

That's good to know... cuz whenever i'm cleaning the toilet and a splash of water hits my cheek, I freak out... now i can wipe it away and smile LOL

25champ said...

@ Just "J" Lmao.That's funny glad you stopped by.

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