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Friday, February 26, 2010

Quotes 2 Live By

Today is a change of pace. I want to share with you some quotes. These quotes have molded my personality and has helped changed me to be the person I am today. Keep those opinions about me to yourself.LOL

1.You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves you too full to embrace the present. ............ Jan Glidewell

2. The more we try to control the world around us the more out of control our world becomes. There are some things that are simply out of our hands…. Anonymous

3. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ..................................... Martin Luther King Jr

4. "Love is much like a wild rose; beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense". Mark A. Overby

5. If we have not peace within ourselves, it is in vain to seek it from outward sources. ..................................... La Rochefoucauld


Hip Hop Swagga said...

Great quotes to live by, I like # 3 the most. Sorry had to add my 2 cents.

25champ said...

@ This That, And The Other... I was referring to comments about me lol. 3 is the reason I write in the first place. I try to always write about things that's relevant.

Don said...

I agree with each and every one of these quotes. Especially the one about the wild rose. It makes perfect sense. Dr. King has the most profound quotes ever, doesn't he?

Meagan said...

Hi Champ:
You're always so matter of fact direct with your writing and thoughts! Provoking and inspiring us to be closer to God, wanting to be a better self's.
As always thank you for your kind words and thank you for your post...I too always look forward to what's in your heart!


Carlus Wilmot said...

I like all your quotes and there can't be to many . We need inspiration and thought provoking quotes, it gets you out of that selfish thinking. One of my old favorites is a lin from an old James Brown song. "I don't want nobody to give me nothing. Open up the doe and I get it myself". Nice work champ. Carlus

25champ said...

@ Don... I agree Dr. MLK was wise beyond his years. Thanks for stoping by.

@ Meagan... Self improvement is what brings us closer to God. When starting with yourself you have the power to influence all of those around you as Jesus Did. Thank You!

@ Carlus Wlilmot... James Brown was a man of many quotes in his musiq he inspired us to be proactive. Thanks for stopping by.

Mizrepresent said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by my site. I love inspirational and thought provoking quotes on just about any subject. Sometimes i rely on them to get me through a day, a moment, a family crisis or a personal battle and so i thank you for sharing yours. Can't go wrong with that! Don't worry, i will be visiting more often, got you bookmarked now. Take care.

25champ said...

@ Mizrepresent... Thank you! I'm glad you stopped by.

Kaneisha said...

I love these quotes. Number 5 especially.. something I needed to see!

25champ said...

@ Kaneisha...Thanks 4 stopping. I hope everything is good with you.

Random Thoughts said...

@Champ i like #3 personally the best but overall these are some good quotes. looking fwrd to reading more of ur blogs:)

25champ said...

@peaches27....Thanks ;)

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