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Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Comes Struggle Then Comes Glory

This poem was written in 2008. My brother in-was killed on August 10, 2007 about a month after he gave his life to Christ. I was present to walk him down to the Alter at the church. God moves in mysterious ways doesn't he.
Dedicated to Andre Contee
July 1, 1971 to August 10, 2007
I watched you struggle to find your way
I knew this Sunday would be the day
You looked at me with a glare in your eyes
I could see that Jesus was claiming your life
You gave him your soul and now your okay
A few weeks later you passed away
I wish we could have you, but he chose you today
your soul is eternal, I feel you each day
You can now rest and put your worries away
I'm glad the devil didn't get the final say
Instead Jesus won and got the glory today
We are all better people for knowing you Dre'


Thee_Kween said...

That surely put a tear in my eye...God bless his spirit and your family.

Meagan said...

As sad as this may seem, how beautiful it is to know that his eternal soul is with our creator. Further attesting to the fact when you walk with God, there is never a place for the devil to exist. Thank you for creating a poem to sooth and force smiles to the living souls.


JStar said...

Ok, I am crying now! My brother gave his life over to Christ on his death bed. Just a few weeks before his death. That was something we were so concerned about. His life he always blamed God. He was gay, and wished he didnt have the feelings he had, wished he hadnt lived in torture daily. It got worse when he found out he had "Full Blown Aids" (Not just HIV)He blamed God for that as well. But down to the end, he changed his heart and allowed God in. Two days before he died he told my mom that he saw God and that he needed him and that they were in a garden and it was the most beautiful site he had ever seen, but he didnt want to leave our mom. My mom convinced him to let go, as hard as that was for her to do. We no longer wanted him to be in pain! Ok, now I am bawling now...

Don said...

That's pretty sad. I hate to hear that for your fam Andre Contee. I was present to walk him down to the Alter at the church. I can only imagine the thoughts which ran through your head the moment you heard the bad news, all the way towards your reflecting upon the fact that he re-gave his life to Christ.

If I could, I wanted to ask how did he die? And if you perhaps felt like he "felt" something?

25champ said...

@ Da Kween ....Thank you.

@ Meagan....Thank you for Blessing my page as always!

@ JStar.... Didn't mean to make you cry. I'm glad ur brotha got it right. That's how beautiful Jesus is he allows plenty of time to get it right regardless of our mistakes.

@ Don.... He was murdered waiting for my sis to pic him up from work. He's not from bmore so we have no knowledge of any enemies, but he had struggles earlier in his life as we all have. That day felt so crazy. I couldn't put my finger on it, but when he looked at me at church I could see it in his eyes that he was ready. Maybe he knew or maybe he just wanted his soul right...Idk. I'm just glad that he made right wit God.

Don said...

Yep. I wondered cause whenever I hear or witness something that seemed "knowing" I wonder if, in fact, what the elderly speak of ... I wonder if people really do know when it's their time.

Again, sorry about the loss. Senseless violence is the absolute worse. It hurts so many and leaves so many to pick up the pieces.

Very unfortunate.

25champ said...

@ Don Thanks!

Katherine said...

(Deep Breath!)

My condolences & prayers to you and your family of the loss of your beloved brother.
Nothing can prepare you for such a terrible senseless act of violence & the loss thereafter but I would like to say that your spirit & your faith are the greatest tools that you will ever possess in life. From what I can derive from your have plenty of both Champ... you are strong in both spirit & faith!

25champ said...

@Katherine....Thank you for your comforting words. I really believe that faith is the key to perserverance. Instead of saying why me I say why not me.

Reggie said...

This is a rather nice tribute, I'm truly sorry to hear about your loss.

25champ said...


Random Thoughts said...

very touchin poem n beautifully written

25champ said...

@Random Thoughts thanxs :)

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