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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Evolution Of Me

I’ve come to the realization that my thoughts and views as a teenager have changed over the years. In many significant ways I am an entirely different individual now as an adult.

So the question remains: Who Am I Now?
I am God Fearing, Loving, Independent, Responsible, Sensitive, Respectable, Self-less, Monogamous and Mature to name a few… clearly an opinion I have of myself I might add. lol

Who Was I Previously?
I was God Fearing, Loving, Dependent, Irresponsible, Blunt, Reckless, Selfish, Promiscuous and Immature. Although I may at times revert back to some of these traits I have definitely evolved.
(It’s amazing how we all felt so mature when we really weren’t.)

Is there
no connection between myself as a teenager and myself now, besides the fact
we share a (now post – pubescent) body?

What is the point of worrying about self
if self is always in a constant state of change?

Why should we bother assigning identity to what is essentially an
ever- changing motion picture.

I’m sure I’m over analyzing again.
I know that the series of events in our life
are what contributes to our evolution.
People change, that’s just a part of life.
Just because were in a state of gradual evolution
doesn’t mean that we have no identity; indeed
that identity is probably what’s guiding the evolution.
What Do You Think?


Katherine said...

I think it is inevitable but also essential that we change as we walk through life.
Life experience, loss, love, lust,wants,needs, children, struggles etc ensure that this evolution of character identity takes place.
What I found interesting when reading my highschool diary yesterday was that my thinking surrounding many things has indeed remained almost the same. I have changed, no doubt, but at the core of me I am still the same.
I am the same 14 year old but I have another 27 years of experience on top!

25champ said...

@Katherine....I agree even though I have dramatically over the years my morals are still the same.

JStar said...

I LOVE this Champ! We sure did think we were grown didnt we :) But we lived and learned...We have grown through lifes experiences. We are the same at the core, but a better us...LOL and I over analyze everything...

25champ said...

@Jstar....I tend to over analyze at times, but on a serious note it's just amazing how everyone believes that they're strong and wise beyond their year. When the truth is that we were vulnerable, weak, immature and sometimes flat out stupid.

Meagan said...

Hi Champ:
As always providing your followers with the most insightful meanings of life!
I still struggle with that word majority? I do know things I felt in my twenty's appear to be utterly ridiculous in my more mature years. And I feel better about myself and life than I ever have before. But my personality, love of hip-hop, sexual intensity and my flirtatious ways have remained the same.

I always appreciate your words of honesty, and love of our maker, such a sincere spirit you are even from afar


Mizrepresent said...

Great post. The one thing i remember about my teenage years is that i thought that i was unstoppable, infallible. I loved that teen girl, and i adored her confidence but i wouldn't give nothing for the journey that lead me to here. I have learned that each and every experience molds us, so like you said we forever changing evolving...and i'd like to think becoming better.

25champ said... true, It's like we were completely invincible as teenagers then life somehow humbles the ish out of us real quick. It can either make or break you.

Don said...

Nah. I don't think you are over analyzing, at all. I believe you are wise and mature in your reflection and entire thought process (this much is obvious). What's funny is, although I personally have a better understanding of myself and life, in general, it appears that my evolution has gone from good to bad. LOL! Seriously. I don't know - maybe it's because I was being what others wanted me to be, initially.

Then, I realized the fickleness in that particular scenario, as it related to my then-friends and somewhat close family.

Now, I simply appease myself. I honestly feel like I work better and gain a better understanding in this light.

25champ said...

@Meagan.... Your words means alot to me. In life there are many ways to get to the same destination, we just have be more rational in our thoughts. Even the worse decision will generate some kind of wisdom and with wisdom comes maturity. Thanks as always for stopping by.

@Don. Thanks man! I appreciate your coments and I feel u 100. Living your life for others is def not the way to go, but most of us do it before we realized that we are trapped in a world of making others happy. I do the same in appeasing myself now that I've grown up a bit.

Nadege said...

I feel we hold onto essentially the personality
we have since teenager. However, those of us
to are conscious, aware of ourselves and those
around us - we evolve. Now depending on the
experiences we go/grow through sometimes we come
out worse for the wear, or more often than
not better than before with more wisdom and

If we hold onto the blessing that we are
wonderfully and fearfully made and truly desire
wisdom - hey we're good.
And that's my sermon for the day. lol

25champ said...

@Nadege....Let the church say Amen!:0 .... thanks! 4 stopping by.

Reggie said...

Excellent post!!!

I think that life is about change and those that don't change....they usually don't progress in life. Thank god, I'm not the same person I was when I was a teenager or even a college student. People grow like trees...up and out. When we stop growing, we'll stop really living.

25champ said...

@Reggie.....Thanks! so true.

Zoe said...

Interesting point, 25champ. I think you are right -- identity shapes us, but identity itself is always changing. I liked your motion picture metaphor as well.

Now if you yourself were a motion picture/film -- what type would it be?

25champ said...

I would have to say Suspense. After I have you on the edge for awhile you find out later that their was actually a method to my madness. Thanks 4 stopping by hope to hear from you again.

Random Thoughts said...

i like how u reflect on ur younger self as to who u r now. it shows growth. i think we all should evolve into something great that is for the better but one things for certain our morals n values should never change so i totally agree wit u Champ:)although we all should be able to reflect on changing from an irresponsible indidvidual to a mature adult many dont. i believe n life we should grow,live, learn, love to do wutz rite n be a productive indiduals n b good role models for our kids, family etc. we should constantly change. great post as always.u

25champ said...

@peaches27......totally agree...evolution without change is impossible so if you want better results in life... than we as ppl better start changing. ;)

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