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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks Father: For Mom & Dad

I am going designating today March 2nd as Parents Day!

It’s true everybody,
your parents were the bomb good or bad.

I don’t know if you realized it,
but they made a series of decisions big or small
that led to their meeting and ultimately your birth,
which sounds boring until I rephrase it and tell you
that they held the very fact of your Life in their hands,
casually and unwittingly playing with the essence of your existence.
Maybe you were just a drink or two away or maybe the Isley Brothers had something to do with it. Either way your life is precious and they are responsible for that.
Even if they are here in spirit or weren’t even involved;we are an extension of them;
so let’s be grateful.
(Thanks be to GOD!)

I love you Mom and Dad


JStar said...

AMEN to this!!! I could write this for my mom, but DEF not my sorry as* father...LOL

25champ said...

I here you, but sorry or not you have some of his traits and I bet they have contributed to the beautiful person you are today.

Hip Hop Swagga said...

I raise a glass to this one. Thanks to my mom and dad for being loving supporting partents. Nice post.

25champ said...

@ This That, And The Other...Thanks!

Mizrepresent said...

I am so thankful for my mom and dad and the foundation they laid for me. Even though they only stayed together for 25 years i had the chance to witness a family in unison, a strong father, a loving mother willing to do anything and everything to keep their family together. This is my basis. This is where i come from so i give them BIGUPs! and a whole lotta love. Great post!

25champ said...

@ Mizrepresent...Thnks 4 stoppin by, your words are appreciated.

Don said...

Too funny @ Maybe you were just a drink or two away or maybe the Isley Brothers had something to do with it.

I feel you on this one. Good or bad, we definitely have to honor the meaning of Mom and Dad. One thing about: we will only have one of each.

My mom has become the bomb in my life. I appreciate her now like never before.

25champ said...

@ Don....Yeah I was tryna not to use the words accident, that's how I came up with those lines. My parents mean the world to me even though we don't always see eye to eye and It's ashame that the two aren't honored together.

Katherine said...

Champ the more I read of your blog the more I see how beautifully wired you are to this world & to your faith. You have a wonderful spirit! Loved this!

25champ said...

@Katherine....Thankyou I appreciate your comments.My faith is important and just want people to make the most of life. I love my family, but first I love God. You don't have to be a pastor to get your point across. We all can make a small difference.

Carlus Wilmot said...

A beautiful heartfelt piece of work my friend. I admire all who show thier love for their parents no matter what had happened. You and I as poets and people of heart will never forget, and will always have a thank you in our hearts.
Thanks for the invite my brother.
Your a great writer and I'd love to chat with you and create something for the masses.

25champ said...

RT!sometimes we as ppl 4get that our parents r ppl first and that they don't always make the right decisions, but the are responsible for our existence. We all make mistakes and want forgiveness so why can't we have same atitude towards our parents. I've been fortunate enough to have both and I can tell u it's been up and down, but I love them both very much. Thanks 4 stopping by and maybe we do need to do some wrk in the future.

Random Thoughts said...

interestin outlook on this blog but........ only if we could pick n choose who our parents r. im not too pleased bout some things aboutmy parents but im thankin God for being here. i jus ask God to mold me n guide me into the best parent i can b to my kids than wut was given to me comin up. i realize everybdy cnt parent or should b a parent jus is a fact.

25champ said...

@Random Thoughts...I couldn't agree wit u more just remember that forgiveness is a source of healing

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