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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life Isn't Science

My perspective without getting religious on you.
To me Science takes away how relevant God really is. It’s not that I don’t believe in science: It s just that Science has no grey area. It’s all black and white and we know that life is just not like that. We have miracles and divine intervention that science just can’t explain. Science is based upon hypotheses, conclusions and theories formed via repeated observations and experiments! This allows us to fashion and empirical and verifiable understanding of the world around us. Theories are said to be correct if they match up with the observed properties of the universe! However science makes the tactic assumption that the universe is predictable and orderly and regular, which may not always be the case!
What if some of the laws and theories of science were merely statistical and not always as accurate statistics show. Allow me to elaborate. Well, we say the speed of light is about 300,000 km/s, because s it’s been that every time we’ve measured it. Well if you add God the equation than the speed of light is subject to change from time to time because he has the power to do so at any giving time. We have people who survived injuries that science said should have killed them. Or what about people who come out of commas or people who were paralyzed and then able to walk again. Why is that people treat science as if it is a God because the power to create has to generate from something. I know that science makes sense but at the end of the day my chips are on God.
I know it's a touchy subject, but I would love to know your thoughts.


Don said...

I read a book last year that dealt with the fact that there is a God. I enjoyed reading this book so much. It talked about how the Sun is at a perfect distance from the Earth, how humans and animals have perfect distinctions i.e. humans have qualities unlike any other species, creatures such as spiders have the ability to create 'web.' Although I cannot really put it into words .... it was a very deep book.

So, like you stated, I believe in Science myself. But I know better than to believe there is a creator of the Universe. Looking around ... it's pretty much obvious, if you ask me.

However science makes the tactic assumption that the universe is predictable and orderly and regular, which may not always be the case!

Great read.

Mizrepresent said...

Science has it's merit, but it's not the end all to everything. Anyone who has ever existed on this earth will know that Science cannot and has explained every miracle, seventh wonder, human frailty, human triumphs, nor even the simple things. Science wants to believe that there is a means to an end, true, but without the God equation they will never truly find the truth they are seeking. Great post!

Meagan said...

Champ this is a subject that is so sensitive and will be debated until the end of time. To me it all boils down to an individuals belief's, up-bringing. An embodiment of ones' own personal mind, or even perhaps an occurrence in ones' life. Is it just by chance that a persons who's told they'll never walk and suddenly does, is that of God or a deep seeded determination of strength in believing you'll walk again? But then the question becomes where does that strength come from? Unknowingly has God touched you, to use you for others to be inspired by your strength? Surely that miracle of strength is not of this world! In the end science has no place here...

I adore' your writing and this post!

Katherine said...

I agree with you Champ! There are too many unexplainable things in this world...and they defy scientific explanation.
To me it is quite simple had to come from some where...and the big bang theory just doesn't cut it for me.
Science..and the practice of not only man made it is made by something greater...GOD! It is like saying "What came first..the chicken or the egg"
Without God..there is no science!
Science does have it's place in this world though.. or science would not exist.
God made us intelligent beings ... he gave us smart, thinking, problem solving brains for a reason.
Without medical science we would not have the medicines, vaccines that help to control illness, disorders, disease or pain relief for those in pain. We would have no understanding for the human body, how it functions & how to help it heal through the aid of surgery.
We would not have the advances of Technological science... which have seen the invention of the telephone, the computer, internet etc which with the flick of a switch & the click of a button bring our worlds closer together...breaking down barriers.
We would not have trains, cars, planes & other engineering marvels that have also broken down barriers.
Science... I believe is a great gift that God has given to us...sadly though it can & has been used for the wrong reasons too!

25champ said...

@Don......I'm going 2 c if I can find that book thanks 4 sharing as always.

@Mizrepresent.....So true.

@Meagan.....Thanks 4 ur compliments. I know it's a very debatable subject and very thought provoking but, there are many things that it just can't explain.

25champ said...

@Katherine.....Very true. It is a beautiful gift I might add. But some people that make it GOD like if u know what I mean. Sometimes u don't need science to tell u anything, but if your close to God than you will always have a reliable source.

Katherine said...

Yes... I know exactly what you mean Champ! Have a great Easter with your girls! Cheers Kath

Shanel said...

I completely agree... as a matter of fact I don't understand how people can look at the world... look at themselves and not see that SCIENCE isn't the answer.... but God is.... I get this post.... I love it.

Nadege said...

hey champ - great topic - I just had a
conversation about this subject.

nothing in life is black and white.
the old testament is about black and white
the new testament - enter Christ is about
love not law - about God creating us in his
image - He does not desire robots but thinking
human compassionate beings.

everything does not have to be explained -
that is totally ego.

anyway ~

when you have a chance champ pop by and
read my summary on The 5 language of love.

25champ said...

@Katherine.... You do the same.

@Shanel.....Thankyou! I ask myself the same questions all the time.

@Nadge....So true, and I will def stop by.

JStar said...

Great subject....My mom pointed this out to me while I was in school. Not even allowing me to do the "Evolution" report lol...I believe in science to a degree...But God has the final say in everything...He is the creator...We "play" with science here on earth....

25champ said...

@JStar....Thankyou as always! I couldn't agree wit you more.

Random Thoughts said...

interesting feedback. I believe in the end God has the ultimate say so and not science. Science to me only explains a fraction of life situations. While God is speaking in dept about these great wonders and mircales through the bible that cant be defined by mere science through man made texbooks.

25champ said...

@peaches27....I couldn't agree more :)

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