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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Cold Hearted"

“I couldn’t help but notice your pain.”
“My pain?”
“It runs deep, share it with me!”

Unable to make progress,
falling short of all expectations,
my disdain for life is ever increasing.
With daily struggles tormenting me,
my past is haunting of me.

How did I become so bitter?
Is it that I forgive, but not forget?
With every insult piercing my soul,
I’ve grown cold: Cold hearted that is.
Feelings placed evenly in a jar.
Putting your feelings over my own,
neglecting my own responsibilities.
Grudge free, but not guilt,
my life is surely passing by.
Trying to feel emotion
with ice running through my veins.
My heart has become my domain.
Protected at all cost
Numb, but free of pain.
The Roar From Within.

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