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Monday, April 26, 2010

Aren’t We Egotistical

Are they talking to us? Maybe or Maybe not.

Did you know that the words for “mother” and “father” are really similar, if not Identical, across tons of languages? Part of the reason has nothing to do with the languages being closely related either. There’s an even more self-centered reason for it lol. It’s because parents totally assume that their babies are talking about them! Isn’t it funny: “ma”, “pa” are some of the first and easiest language-like sounds babbling babies will make- and what’s the word for “mother” in English? “Mama”! It’s also “mama” in Dutch, and in Romanian, and in Catalan, Slovak, Quechua, Chinese, German, Russian, and more. These Languages have evolved so much that the first language noise a baby makes sounds like it’s saying “hey Daddy” or “Hey Mommy watch u doing” lol. Dads aren’t excluded either. “Papa” is in English, Cree, and Hindi! Isn’t it crazy that these words are built to flatter new parents especially our “Mothers”? Across language, time, and entire civilizations, we’re united by pointing at our babbling babies and saying, Yes he or she is calling my name. Just when you thought you were special huh lol! What a egotistical world.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Can IT Work

Which way do you go?
Heart or Faith
I have been fortunate in my Adult Life to have never dated any one who represents a different religion or as some people would say Faith. I do however know that this can pose quite a problem. I’m sure it affects things as small as eating habits as well as things that are as big like How To Raise Your Children. Do you let your heart guide you and push morale to the side? Faith is something that you are supposed to stand up for so there’s really know way of avoiding it.

I am guessing that if I am of Christian Faith and my partner wasn’t, it could lead to tension, but relationships are about compromise, aren’t they? But if your partner adopts the actions of a religion just as a compromise, but not the beliefs behind it, isn’t that just going thru the motions, which isn’t really what religion is about?

I guess a lot of it depends on the Faith of the people involved, right?

Or do you just lead by example hoping that they eventually choose the same path?

I mean if your really believe that by not sharing your religion, your partner is hurting his or herself (i.e. condemning his /herself to a after life of Eternal Damnation), then you’d want to help him /her out, right? I could see that leading to problems down the road since there’s not much room for movement there unless one of you softens your stance on the subject. Luckily like I said in the beginning I have never had this happened to me so
What Do You Think?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love Isn't Science

Love Is Not An Excuse To Do Dumb 'ish

What is Love?
Love is “a strong positive emotion of regard and affection”. Well that’s seems so easy and makes love seem so black and white, but we know that’s not true. Maybe we should insist that love can’t be defined, that it’s beyond the reach of rational thought: that we fall in and out of love in a way that is out of our control. All we can do is hope for the best and hold on for this up and down roller coaster, because it’s cupids arrow shooting straight through the heart, striking anywhere at any time! Love is a lot like a axe murderer, or an aneurysm, or a stroke, or dementia. Love is just a unpredictable occurrence! We don’t really need to define it. I know, I know, I make love sound so less than romantic, so unattractive. I have nothing against romance! You can still be romantic while maintaining that love is an understandable emotion. Just be rational! And don’t do stuff and use “I was in love!” as the justification. That’s not love: that’s responsibility deflection. So again let’s be rational about love and keep the scientific feeling’s out of it.
The Roar From Within.

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