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Thursday, December 31, 2009

True Love: Is There A Such Thing as Finding "The One"?

Here’s something that I have trouble believing in: “true love” or “Finding the One”! The problem is that so many people claim to have found it, but the odds that you’d ever meet that special someone and that they’d be available, willing, and of the right sexual orientation are really pretty small. Are people just settling because of the fear of starting the dating process all over again or are they convinced that they are with the only person that is for them?
I know that “true Love” doesn’t mean that’s there’s only one person you can have it with, but people often associate the two together.
I personally find it hard to combine the two. When you put the two together “finding the one” seems like there is one “true” person that “true Love” can refer to, meaning that you’ve got one chance for total happiness in the world, and loving anyone else is infatuation or worse! Settling! What do you think?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Physical Debate: Heart Vs. Brain

Do We Need To Fall In Love

Heart: Hello Brain! Today is the day that you are gonna fall in love. As a matter of fact today everybody needs to fall in love! To fall in love is to value another person’s happiness above your own, to want to be with them and make your lives together the best they could possibly be.
Brain: I’ll pass. I’ve been down that dark path before. Making ill advised decisions based on impulse and not common sense. Why risk not being myself for the better of another when all it leads to is a broken heart.
Heart: Are you saying you wouldn’t like to love and be loved? Of course you want to be loved. Your partner is probably out there looking for you right now. You should probably get on this. You know that your biological clock it ticking.
Brain: Hold on their, not everyone needs to fall in love! I’m serious! People get so hung up on finding “the one” that they forget everything else. You can have an entirely rewarding life without being “so madly in love” with someone! Close friendships, beautiful kids, and fulfilling career. Your life doesn’t end because you didn’t find Mr. or Mrs. right .
Heart: Yeah, yeah who wants to be technical? I love because it feels good and when you find that someone it’s worth the risk of heartbreak. Nothing beats the excitement of meeting somebody new and learning the things that you have in common. While falling in Love doesn’t always make sense: it doesn’t have too.
Which one would you rather follow?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Untimely Death

Dedicated to
Best Friend
Kristopher Miller
March 27th, 1982 to July 12, 2002

You died prematurely
leaving me to grieve without warning.
How was I supposed to prepare
for this untimely moment?
We were supposed to be invincible,
live forever we thought,
but God had another plan,
it was through his will
I was taught,
that worship and prosperity
run hand and hand.
It was because of you
that I embraced his plan.
I was already saved.
Just not spiritually mature.
It was your untimely death
that humbled me for sure.
See your purpose was served
and that's why you are not here.
My purpose is unknown,
I'm just trying to persevere.
Now I have kids and I cannot lie
It was your untimely death
that saved my life.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Life Without Thought

Life without thoughts

How I wonder what life would be like

if I just stop thinking.

Would I just react on impulse and loose all rational behavior

or would my reception of perception

be distorted, because of my lack of concentration?

How would I love or receive love?

See thinking goes 2 ways

and in order to think you have to receive thought

and without thought there's no way to communicate love or affection.

Nonetheless, we would just walk around being thoughtless

And instead of being selfless, we would become hopeless.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

You Are Special" You And Your thoughts

At the instant you were born, you were the absolute pinnacle of our planet’s development! Millions of years of evolution were all leading up to that one amazing moment of your birth! Billions of individuals- entire species- had risen and fallen, all conspiring together to produce one thing: you!
Then you went ahead and lost any specialness from that second someone else was born.
But you are also special for what you know: information that’s recorded nowhere else in the universe! Your brain!
What idle, passing notions briefly entertained you before falling asleep last night? What snack did you sneak last week? All This information is known by only one person in the entire universe: You. And you consider this information so irrelevant that you forgot it almost soon as it was known!Lol!Untold volumes of info have been forgotten by you, as they fade unnoticed from your memory, so too do they fade from the universe. Each future generation has been robbed of this knowledge expunging it, as you have completely from existence.
You are special: You and Your thoughts

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who's This? Paiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!

You know what I’m getting tired of feeling? Thinking.....Emotions, Pain, Emotions too. I'ts Pain Dammit!
But seriously, guys! What is pain if we just stop feeling it? The ish hurts and you can’t turn it the f**k off. It’s like a phone that won’t stop ringing whenever I’m hurt, and when I answer it, it’s always f **kin Pain calling and he won’t get off the line. I say “Yeah, I get it Pain, my friends are gone, “and he says “Yeah, it still hurts like a b**ch don’t it. I say “look, Pain, I know.” And he stays on the line and I say “Pain, you’ve got to find other ish to do, I can’t possibly be the only one you call.What do you do when pain calls your phone? Do you answer? Hang up, or do you tell pain that you are just not feeling him anymore?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Who Need’s Happiness

See all the smiling faces... I'm good (bottom left)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people didn’t have the need to be happy? I mean I get that depression (unhappiness) has a host of ‘ish associated with it, but what I’m talking about here is more of Ahappiness which I just made up I might add… is the ability to not need happiness at all! Happiness is this fuel that we need to function in society, but it doesn’t last forever, and we look for more once it’s all gone. Who says that we can’t be Ahappy and be okay? Happiness is like food, only it’s drained from us every time we have some BS to do! Also you can’t buy happiness at a Supermarket. I’m sorry Savealot, you just can’t. I’m mean happiness would still exist there just wouldn’t be a need for it. If we all removed all desire to be happy from our psyche our expectations for happiness would no longer be rewarded with the disappointments of life. Instead Happiness would just be an incentive instead of an emotion.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Cold Hearted"

“I couldn’t help but notice your pain.”
“My pain?”
“It runs deep, share it with me!”

Unable to make progress,
falling short of all expectations,
my disdain for life is ever increasing.
With daily struggles tormenting me,
my past is haunting of me.

How did I become so bitter?
Is it that I forgive, but not forget?
With every insult piercing my soul,
I’ve grown cold: Cold hearted that is.
Feelings placed evenly in a jar.
Putting your feelings over my own,
neglecting my own responsibilities.
Grudge free, but not guilt,
my life is surely passing by.
Trying to feel emotion
with ice running through my veins.
My heart has become my domain.
Protected at all cost
Numb, but free of pain.
The Roar From Within.

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