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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Doin U: At Who’s Expense?

“Doin U” is living your life for you: not a means to an end for others!
This means that I should exist for my own sake, neither sacrificing myself to others, nor sacrificing others to myself! The pursuit of my own rational self-interest, and happiness, is the highest moral purpose of my life!
If I must deal with others,

It should be as Traders, in a pure capitalist system.

No charity! No sympathy! Just business,

an exchange of value for value.

Or in dating terms “Friends With Benefits”!

But where does love fit into this system?

See if everything is viewed as a business arrangement between

Traders without charity, then how can you have love?

Love is supposed to be selfless.

Or is this that New School LOVE?

Where LOVE is selfish. …

If you see someone of value,

and they see value in you…

want access to this value, so you

arrange a business transaction.

Love used to be worth the risk smh

Now people are turning into Modern day Hoes

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