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Thursday, December 31, 2009

True Love: Is There A Such Thing as Finding "The One"?

Here’s something that I have trouble believing in: “true love” or “Finding the One”! The problem is that so many people claim to have found it, but the odds that you’d ever meet that special someone and that they’d be available, willing, and of the right sexual orientation are really pretty small. Are people just settling because of the fear of starting the dating process all over again or are they convinced that they are with the only person that is for them?
I know that “true Love” doesn’t mean that’s there’s only one person you can have it with, but people often associate the two together.
I personally find it hard to combine the two. When you put the two together “finding the one” seems like there is one “true” person that “true Love” can refer to, meaning that you’ve got one chance for total happiness in the world, and loving anyone else is infatuation or worse! Settling! What do you think?


JStar said...

I am sooo with you here...People do confuse the two all the time, and yea, people settle because they get "Comfortable" and yea, starting a new relationship is scary sometimes...Minds well stay with who you are because you already know what to expect...Growing up I believed there was that "One" guy who would stand out and that I would know him by looking at him...But its not that easy...Went through too many wrong "ones"...and now my baby has been in my life for 9 years right under my nose so we are trying this thing again...Maybe he is or isnt the one...but I will never know until I try...but I refuse to settle...If I am not completely happy (of course that takes compromise) and if that persons personality doesnt fit mine I refuse to stay and be miserable, would rather be alone than miserable...but yea, I still hold out hopes for that "One"..I have had many true loves in my life...

Kaneisha said...

First of all, I LOVE this blog. I feel exactly the same way. People settle. I think people are fearful of seeing what's out there so when they come across a "good woman" or "good man" they settle and refer to them as their quote on quote "true love." I think people are just scared to be alone.

25champ said...

@JStar thanks 4 sharing ur views.

@Kaneisha people are definelty scared of being along.

Don said...

i once dated a woman for a little over three years. i was happy as i have ever been in a relationship. we met and became friends three years prior to beginning the relationship. i messed up (cheating). she left.

til this day i believe her to be my true love. why? cause no one has made me feel the way she did. even when we talk or end up around each other (i am still close to her brothers) ... it's like i fall in love with her over again.

i tell everyone - she is/was/will always be my true love.

great post Champ.

25champ said...

@Kaneisha Thanks I definetly feel you

@ Don Have you exhausted all possibilities in getting her back. If she is the "true love" that you say she is then you should give up. Thanks for sharing your personals.

Petula said...

I think the two are separate... IDK. I believe that my first love was one I shared true love with, but he wasn't necessarily "the one." Obviously not since he didn't want to be with me forever. I kind of have a bad taste in my mouth about love and feelings so maybe I'm not "qualified" to respond. LOL... I don't know that I believe in "the one" anymore...

25champ said...

@ Petula ur opinion is always welcome here, just remember that we can't reduce life to our individual circumstances. U may have not found the love u once desired, but that doesn't me that its not there and that you won't experience it.Sometimes we have to be thankful for the blessing we have now so that we recieve or future blessings. Thankyou for your comments!

W.Reid said...

I think I have a slightly different interpretation: LOVE is easy. Like is the hard part. Romantic love is when LOVE and lust meet.
We know many people in our lives that we love and sometimes dont like. To me when you like someone love is never too far behind. We will have many true loves during in our lives. They are present to impart particular lessons. When we've learned the lesson the relationship ceases to exist in it's present form.

25champ said...

@ W.Reid Thanks for your interesting point of view

Mizrepresent said...

True love can be found again, if lost, or if because it dies. True love exists in the heart, and your surrendering of yourself, not in one person or the other. Give of your heart, give yourself to that person who gives you the same and then at that moment you have found true love.

25champ said... true!

ericka said...

i think the idea of the one tru love gets implanted in our brains at an early age from childrens stories. theres always a prince or knight saving some damsel in distress. u grow up with this wacked out idea of finding the "one" until u actually find love and lose it and find it again in someone else.

25champ said...

@ericka....definetly feel u.It's like we are geneticly predisposed to finding true love or the one. I believe it's possible,but I also believe that if you work on your relationship according to God's plan that you can have successful relationship with out that person being your soulmate if that's what you wanna call it.

peaches27 said...

u all had interestin comments on "true luv" n "the one". i agree to a certain degree with all of u. i think its a mixture of both. loving does seem like the easy part n likin a person is the hard part especially if yall cant coexist. some ppl do tend to settle becus they neva had the quote on quote "better" but how do we really kno wutz better. i do believe theres somebody for everybdy.n when God sends them to u , u will kno it. some pll think stuff is as good as its gonna get so we settle. alot of times ppl b tradin in one bad situation for another instead of really dealin @ wutz @ hand. so they b on this quest for this perfect individual. where this person dnt exist becus we werent made in such a way only God is that "perfection". in all nationallity we should try to compromise n come to a common ground to get to that point. learn each other. but neva settle cus u will b miserable if u do. idk jus my opinion. but good post @ 25Champ

25champ said...

@peaches27 well said :)

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